Rigel "Acousta" Bass Guitar

Acoustic Bass Guitar

Since the late 1970s, Pete Langdell has been perfecting his ideas on how acoustic bass guitars (ABGs) should perform. Nothing to date has been altogether successful by other manufacturers. While some are visually appealing, they are not up to the task, either audibly or sonically.

Pete set out to produce an ABG that would suit the needs of discriminating bass guitar players. After many years of listening to the request, "Why doesn't someone make an acoustic bass guitar that really works?" Pete has designed an acoustic bass that comes close to — if not better than some — the carrying power of an acoustic upright bass. This instrument is the perfect answer for the bassist who needs the power and portability to play small venues, acoustic jams, parties, busking, or even at the beach.

There are many "acoustic bass guitars" available for purchase, ranging in price from a few hundred dollars for Chinese flat-top bass guitars, to some American-made flat-top models that are almost twice the price of the Rigel "Acousta" bass guitar. However, there are no production arch-top acoustic bass guitars — other than the Rigel — made anywhere, certainly none with the sonic range and power of the Rigel "Acousta" bass guitar.


  • Approximately 60-second neck removal (no tools necessary) utilizing an aluminum dovetail neck joint. This comes in handy for shipping, transporting, or wherever storage space is an issue
  • Unique ergonomically wedged body shape to retain much-needed cubic inches for optimum low frequency response and to allow the player long sessions without fatigue
  • Minimalist whey-based finish for ultimate tone and clarity
  • Strap locks are standard and placed in balanced locations
  • Sound-post driven, secondary-ported sound board for ultimate volume
  • Proprietary sound post tensioner to maintain sound post position during breakdown and shipping
  • Unique cable style tailpiece
  • Removable thumb rest
  • Locating pins on bridge
  • Gig bag provided
  • Most upright pickup options will work on this bass for sound reinforcement
  • Most models utilize renewable resource materials, creating a "Green" instrument
  • American-made, hand-crafted in Vermont
  • Other optional features available on request (additional cost)


  • 34" scale
  • Removable neck
  • Two-way adjustable truss rod
  • Approximately 8½ pounds weight
  • Overall width: 22"
  • Overall body depth (including bridge height): 13"
  • Body length: 29"
  • Overall instrument length: 56"
  • Low VOC polywhey finish
  • Limited lifetime warranty

(Video and sound clips of the ABG coming shortly)

The Rigel "Acousta" bass guitar is available for $2500 (S&H extra).

More pictures below (pictures open in new window)

Front View Side View Back view, showing strap button Heel, showing quick-release aluminum neck joint View of peghead

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