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In addition to producing the break-through approach to building its own signature mandolins, Rigel has devoted its time, attention, and skill to the reproduction of some of the legendary mandolins built in the early years of the 20th century. Lyon & Healy and Vega, among others, built exceptional mandolins that are highly sought after, particularly for classical players. This is problematic, as many instruments have not endured time well; decadesof use and/or abusive storage have not been kind to precious near century-old worn, warped wood and steel. The good ones are becoming increasing rare and unrealistically expensive for all but the wealthiest of collectors. In the interest of preserving this great heritage, Rigel Instruments builds limited numbers of extremely fine quality reproductions of some of the most sought after of these mandolins.

Rigel Lyon & Healy Reproduction
The Rigel L & H is an extraordinarily faithful reproduction of the legendary Lyon & Healy Professional A-style with carved violin-scroll headstock, asymmetrical 2-point body, engraved tailpiece, extension leg and Lyon & Healy-style tuners.

These marvelous instruments are true works of art, requiring many hours of highly skilled craftsmanship that result in an instrument that sounds as wonderful as it looks.

Lyon & Healy A-style instruments are among the most highly sought-after in the mando-world and the Rigel Lyon & Healy is a worthy successor.

10-String R-200
The Rigel custom 10-string R-200 mandola/mandolin is a marvelous way to expand a player's range.Carved of select Vermont maple and spruce, the R-200 features a 15 7/8" scale, 3-ply maple/ebony/maple neck, ebony fingerboard, ebony adjustable bridge, paua inlays, gold hardware and an incredible voice.

It's a challenge to build and voice such an instrument without losing the richness of a mandola's bass and the brilliance of a mandolin's treble, but the luthiers at Rigel have succeeded in producing an extraordinary instrument that offers the best of both.

The Killer Bee

Right: Custom Cantus de Draco

Custom Work
The Rigel Custom Shop regularly does extensive renovation work on vintage instruments from re-necking to re-topping to re-finishing. It's a great source of satisfaction to be able to restore a damaged vintage instrument to life and beauty. The luthiers team takes great pride in restoring Gibson, Martin, Lyon & Healy and Vega instruments. Please contact us if you have a beloved but battered instrument that you would like to have restored.

Custom G110, CT100, R100
Renowned for their beauty and powerful, sweet voice, these carved maple and spruce marvels are coveted by players around the world. Rigel luthiers devote great skill and care to the voicing of each instrument, producing fabulous instruments that are exceptionally consistent in tone and feel. "Warm, woody and powerful" are words often submitted as feedback.

That said, a special musician requires a special instrument, and while the stock, “off the shelf” Rigel instrument is a masterpiece in and of itself, these builders are known to welcome subtle changes and embrace custom-work requests. Beyond exotic finishes, skilled inlay artists are capable of art beyond imagination on headstock, body, and fretboard for the mandolinist wanting a truly unique, personalized instrument. Four and Five string versions are available as an upgrade on almost any of Rigel’s standard models.

Cremona, Tobacco-burst, and Chocolate-burst featured on Rigel instruments are some of the best stained and hand-rubbed lacquer finishes in the world. For the ten percent of those who want something outside of the mainstream, Rigel craftsman offer some eye-popping alternatives, including Blue-burst, Burgundy-burst, Cream, Emerald-burst, Licorice, Seafoam Green, and even Salmon Rose. Varied adornments including pickguard material, binding, and tuners are yet another way one can express him or herself through a variety of cosmetic upgrades.

With Rigel, your instrument can be as unique as your playing and your personality!

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